Composition and Action of BioIod

BioIod is an iodized milk protein (organic iodine). BioIod is identical to iodine-containing proteins we naturally consume with food (meat, milk, vegetables, seafood). That is the reason why BioIod is easily digested and effectively addresses the iodine deficiency problem.

BioIod vs. Inorganic Iodine-Containing Preparations

Human body receives iodine with mother’s milk.

In Russia you can find a lot of iodine-containing preparations that contain inorganic, chemically produced iodine (iodides). BioIod stands out against inorganic iodine-containing preparations because BioIod is organic iodine based on milk proteins.

A child starts consuming iodine with breast milk. Iodine atoms contained in breast milk are bound with milk proteins, which is why an infant’s organism can readily digest them. The composition of BioIod is identical to that of natural iodine compounds (iodotyrosines) that can be found in breast milk and natural food products. That is the reason why BioIod is easily digested and effectively addresses the iodine deficiency problem.

Moreover, BioIod solves another frequent issue of iodine overdose caused by consumption of inorganic iodine-containing preparations together with iodized salt. It is worth mentioning that excess of iodine is just as bad as iodine deficiency. A human body digests as many BioIod molecules as it actually needs at a certain development stage (from infancy to senility), which is why BioIod has no age restrictions. Considering that the need for iodine varies from person to person depending on their age, BioIod helps drastically reduce the risk of iodine overdose.

Health Benefits of BioIod

BioIod helps fill the iodine deficiency. BioIod restores and maintains a natural iodine balance in a human body offering the following benefits: reduced risk of thyroid disorders; better immunity, memory and attention; less drowsiness, floppiness, depression or sudden anger attacks. BioIod is recommended for children to reduce the risk of thyroid disorders, improve concentration and memory making a child a better student.

On top of that, BioIod is safe and, unlike inorganic iodine-containing preparations, will not cause iodine overdose. Even if you happen to take more that you’re supposed to, there will be no adverse effect. So, BioIod can be prescribed for both for children and pregnant women to prevent iodine deficiency. BioIod promotes normal pregnancy, eliminates the risk of miscarriage or premature labor, reduces water retention or risk of blooding at early pregnancy stages, and prevents mental or physical underdevelopment of a child.

BioIod Composition

BioIod comes in packages of different dosages. One tablet contains:

  • BioIod 50: 50 μg of organic iodine;
  • BioIod 100: 100 μg of organic iodine;
  • BioIod 150: 150 μg of organic iodine.

You can choose a dosage you need. Here is a table of recommended daily intake of BioIod by categories of patients (tablets should be taken with food):

Age, years BioIod 50, tablets a day BioIod 100, tablets a day BioIod 150, tablets a day
3-7 1-2
7-11 1-2
11-14 1-2
Adults 1-3 1 1

One course of BioIod is 20-30 days. You can do another course, if necessary. If you live in a place with unfavorable radiation environment, you should take BioIod for 30 days and do 4-5 courses a year.