Human body receives iodine with mothers milkIodine molecules in mothers milk are combined with milk proteinsBioiodine was developed on the basis of milk proteins

Iodine Deficiency

Russia geographically lacks iodine, which is why in order to maintain good health one has to regulate the iodine level in the body from birth to old age. Iodine plays a vital role in development of a human body and regulation of metabolism.

BioIod vs. Inorganic Iodine

Based on milk proteins, BioIod is identical to iodine-containing proteins we naturally consume with food. That is the reason why BioIod is easily digested and effectively addresses the iodine deficiency problem.

Where to Buy BioIod

You can get BioIod without prescription at most Russian drugstores and pharmacies. Moreover, you can find BioIod in online stores that offer delivery to your home.